Book Review: ‘Over My Dead Body: A William Warwick Novel’ By Jeffrey Archer

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Books | 1 comment

The latest William Warwick novel if all sorts of Greatness! I love this series and author Jeffrey Archer has written another great one. with the character of Det. Chief Inspector William Warwick taking center stage. Sharply written and a great story to read, this series is not to be missed. The book starts off with William and his wife Beth on a cruise to New York for a week (this plot started in the last book). On the ship William becomes friend with 17 year-old James, a future heir of the Pilgrim Line cruise ship that William is on. When Fraser Buchanan, the chairman of the company dies, James and William investigate. William soon learns shocking news about art thief Miles Faulkner has faked his death and plans to re-marry his ex-wife Christina. William heads back to London and tries to capture Miles, but he once again escapes. William is made head of a new Unsolved Murder Unit, which includes undercover cop Ross and they get their first assignments. They keep missing out on getting Miles and then a tragedy hits one of the crew and that person goes rouge and a final trap is laid for Miles and it may be the last chance they have to capture him.

You can pick up Over My Dead Body in stores on Tuesday, October 19th from Harper Collins.