Book Review: ‘Out Of Time’ Is A Great Summer Thriller By David Klass

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

A serial bomber named the Green Man has struck again. He’s hit a dam in Idaho killing six people. It’s the sixth target he has hit over the past few years. Each target is something that he thinks is harming the environment. You could say he’s doing these acts in an effort to help save the world. He’s very smart and never leaves any clues or makes any mistakes. This time he might have left the tiniest of clues that could help find him.

The FBI has a huge task force looking for him with no luck. And along comes young Tom Smith, who is following the footsteps of his family in becoming an agent. He’s a low man on the totem pole, who does computer programming. He has theories that are outside of the box and is suddenly at the top of the list in trying to find the Green Man. His thoughts are not of those of the typical FBI agent and soon he’s coming up with clues and facts of who this Green Man might be and it all leads to a stunning climax in Texas where people will not survive.

Both James Patterson and David Baldacci has given this book a thumbs up. The book starts off fast and never lets up. It’s a thrill ride that keeps getting better and better as you read it. The character of Tom Scott is well-written and I wouldn’t mind if there were most adventures with him.

You can pick up Out Of Time in stores on Tuesday, July 7th from Dutton.