Book Review: ‘Our Darkest Night: A Novel’ By Jennifer Robson

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

A heart-warming story set in 1942 Italy during WWII and the facist regime of Mussolini and he percussion of the Jews. For the family of Antonia Mazin it’s a turning point. Her doctor father has been forbidden to practice, even though he still does. Her mother is in a home and she wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps. But the Jews are starting to be rounded up and a plan is devised to get Antonia out of Venice and to safety. It means leaving her family. She becomes Nina the wife of Nico and moves to a remote village. As the days go on she and Nico become friendlier and soon fall in love and are expecting a baby. But Nico is doing dangerous work helping to smuggle people to freedom. And then the Nazis arrive and start hounding Nico and Nina and soon their rouse is exposed. They are taken into custody and have no idea what their future will hold.

A solid story of the affects of the horrible times of WWII and how people were treated in Italy by their leader and the Germans. You follow this love story and root for Nico and Nina to hopefully defy the odds and survive this terrible time.

You can pick up Our Darkest Night in stores on Tuesday, January 5th from William Morrow Paperbacks.