Book Review: ‘OPPO’ Is The Next Thrilling Peter Rena And Randi Brooks Novel

Something strange is going on in the new Presidential election season. Both potential front-runners for the Republican Party Dick Bakke and Democrat Party David Traynor want the Republican Senator Wendy Upton to be their Vice-Presidential pick. It would be a bi-partisan ticket if she choose to run with David, who she has more in common with. She doesn’t really like Dick and knows it can be political suicide if the should run with David. She needs some time to think about it. But they want a quick answer so it can be announced before Super Tuesday. And on top of that there’s a lot of political unrest during the campaigning with fights breaking out and supporters being arrested.

Wendy is thinking about it when she gets a call that someone has threatened her if she picks either one of the candidates to be their Vice-President pick. Someone is threatening to go public with information on her that can destroy her career. She has no idea what it can be.

So Peter Rena and Randi Brooks are called in. They have an investigation company that helps fix issues like this and find out who is trying to blackmail her. They do ‘Oppo’ research, which means they will do a deep dive into Wendy’s life and look at every part of it. Every donor, every bill she has ever voted on, who she has dated, where she grew up. No detail will be un-turned as they try to find who’s blackmailing her and only have a few days to do it.

As they dig they are not finding much at first, then little details lead to big details and soon they are on the track to figuring out who is responsible. When Peter notices they are being monitored and followed he calls in more help and soon they uncover a devious plot against Wendy and who is trying to sway the election.

Although this is a fiction book I can imagine this is how dirty things get in Politics. We already see this almost everyday in the news. Author Tom Rosenstiel has written a great novel looking at the political game with great characters in Peter Rena and Randi Brooks (and a good follow up to Shining City). The political thriller gets no better in OPPO, in stores on Tuesday, December 7th from Ecco.

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