Book Review: ‘Operator Down’ Is The Next Exciting Pike Logan Thriller

It’s January which means a new year, new beginnings and a new Pike Logan book! Operator Down is the latest thriller from Brad Taylor in the series. Pike Logan and his team are again in the middle of something they didn’t plan for and once again breaking the rules of the Taskforce and of the United States. Do they care? Nope they are going to do what’s right and be pay the potential price later.

The story takes us from Las Vegas to Israel to South Africa, where a political cope is being planned. Caught there on a different mission is Aaron and Alex (an untrained female who he has taken with him to help on the assignment having to do with an Israeli diamond mind) which doesn’t make Shoshanna happy. He’s cover has been blown and he’s now a prisoner which no chance for escape. He knows that Shoshana will come looking for him but it might be too late.

Pike Logan and his team are following an arms dealer in Tel Aviv who may be selling nuclear weapons. They are on a strictly follow and observe mission. While there Pike and Jennifer call Shoshana and try to get together. She and Aaron had gotten married six months ago. She is on their honeymoon while he is on his mission. She doesn’t tell them that and tries to avoid them. While investigating their target they figure out somehow Shoshana is in trouble and race to warn and help her.

She is attacked and manages to fight off the people trying to grab her. She spots Pike and thinks it’s him after her and runs. Soon Pike catches up with her and she realizes she made a mistake. She tells him Aaron is missing and she’s going to find him with or with his help and that of the Taskforce.

Soon Pike’s investigation takes him to South Africa and he discovers a coup about to take place and that the people leading it also have Aaron. They soon undertake a dangerous mission to try and save Aaron and also to avert the coup with a plan of their own. It leads to a dramatic showdown to save their lives.

Another exciting, page-turner of a story. All action and Taylor’s knowledge of weapons is just outstanding. He does his homework and knows of what he writes. Also fascinating is reading the acknowledgements and notes on how he wrote the book. He goes to the countries and locations he is setting his stories in. In this case that meant South Africa and while there he was picked up and help for over six hours. For the info on why and how he goes about writing you can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, January 9th from Dutton.

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