Book Review: ‘Only The Beautiful: A Novel’ By Susan Meissner In Paperback March 5th

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

16-year-old Rosie Maras loses her father, mother and brother, and is left orphaned. Lucky for her, the employers of her father, Truman and Celine, who own a winery, agree to take her in. She gets room, and teaching to be a maid, so she will have a skill when she’s of age. But then she turns up pregnant, and she has told people she sees colors when she hears sounds. She’s taken away to what she thinks is a home for unwed mothers, but is an asylum, where they do horrible things. In 1947 Helen Calvert, the sister of Truman, returns to America, after suffering through WWII. She has been friends with Rosie before she left, and is horrified to find out what happened to her. Helen is on a mission to find Rosie after she hears about what she went through, and the shocking reveal of her baby. Susan Meissner has written another great character driven novel, with a look at a time in America that was shocking.