Book Review: ‘The Ones Who Matter Most’

Abby Roberts wanted a family and loving husband. After three miscarriages and her husbands Scott secret vasectomy she wanted a divorce. What she got was a dead husband. Suddenly a widow (with no family of her own, she was well off do to her family inheritance) she started to go through his stuff. What she found shocked her. It’s as if she never knew Scott.

Finding some secret pictures of another woman and baby pics she went on a discovery to find out who this woman was. Finding out he was married and had a son (that he didn’t want) she takes to them and suddenly three people’s lives will change forever. Soon she is spending more and more time with them wondering if they could be the family she has been longing for.

A story of discovery, friendship and family takes you on an emotional journey to show sometimes people that you least expect can end up being who you need.

The Ones Who Matter Most by Rachael Herron (New American Library Accent trade paperback original) is in stores on Tuesday, April 5.

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