Book Review: ‘One Step Behind: A Novel’ By Lauren North

Jenna Lawson is a wife, mother and a doctor who works a lot. She’s also being stalked and it’s been going on for months. Gifts are left at her front door with no DNA to trace, e-mails to her employer about things she’s never done. He also seems to know all her moves. She fears for her safety and for that of her kids and husband.

But now life is about to change for Jenna. During her shift the man that has been stalking her is brought in to the ER after being hit by a bus. The man ends up in a coma and Jenna is now left to wonder why this man has been stalking her. She sees his phone and images on it and it makes her wonder more.

A second story centers around Sophie, a personal trainer and her brother Matthew, who has issues. Jenna suspects Matthew and then she sets off to learn all she can about him. But what she finds may be more than she can handle. Everyone has secrets….everyone.

A great psychological thriller with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged to the very end. If Lauren keeps writing novels like this she will be someone to watch in the future.

You can pick up One Step Behind in stores on Tuesday, September 1st from Berkley.

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