Book Review: ‘One Perfect Lie’ Is One Perfect Book

I’ve already read a lot of books this year. A few I really, really liked. A few that were okay. And a few that stunk. One Perfect Lie is in the really, really liked category. It hooks you in from the beginning and never lets up. Lisa Scottoline has another winner on her hands!

Chris Brennan arrives in town and soon gets a teaching job to teach government. He’s also becomes an assistant baseball coach. He’s nice, good looking and everyone takes to him. But who is he really? His name is fake and we soon learn most everything else about him is as well. He’s looking for a particular student to help him with a deadly plan.

We soon meet members of his class (who also play on the baseball team) and their families. Chris learns as much about them as he can. As he’s looking for the student, he also becomes involved with the families. The students love playing baseball and want to be able to go to college to continue their educations and playing the sport.

We soon learn the who, what, where and why about Chris (and to avoid spoilers that synopsis above is vague) and then it’s a race against the clock to stop a deadly attack.

Like I said above, just a thrill ride from the beginning. I could see this story playing out as a movie on the big screen.

You can pick up One Perfect Life from Lisa Scottoiline (St. Martin’s Press on Tuesday, April 11).

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