Book Review: ‘One More Lie: A Novel’ Shows The Past Cannot Stay Buried

by | May 15, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Charlotte and Sean did something really bad when they was ten years old. Now years later they are both our of prison and trying to move on with their lives. Charlotte has blacked it out and is in therapy. She’s got a part-time job in a supermarket and a new name. She’s still haunted by the past and things easily freak her out. She’s not suppose to have any contact with Sean but he tracks her down and they start talking. She has never gotten over her friend from years ago.

As the days go along she starts to find herself falling into old habits and there’s nothing that anyone can do to help her. Even though she talks to her therapist it’s not really helping. Soon she becomes obsessed and does something she shouldn’t and it could cost someone their live. Sean is the one who tracks her down and when Charlotte’s memories come rushing back she has to face what happened all those years ago and hopefully it won’t be too late before she does something deadly once again.

A spellbinding story with lots of twists and turns that keep the reader invested until the page-turning climax is revealed. You want to root for Charlotte to be able to change her life and move on. That’s the mark of a good writer to make you feel even you find out what happened all those years ago. A highly recommend novel.

It’s available in stores on Tuesday, May 28 from Hanover Square Press.