Book Review: ‘One Last Secret: A Novel’ By Adele Parks

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Dora is a high-priced escort and has been for years. Now she’s ready to retire and marry her best friend Evan, who is also rich, and leave escort world for good. While Evan is away on business, one of Dora’s former clients Daniel wants her for one last assisgnment and is willing to pay big money to her. It would be acting as his girlfriend on a trip to France, to his friend’s party. No sex involved, just be his girlfriend. When she arrives there, things are weird, especially when she sees the last man to hire her, who beat her and raped her. Now she just wants to leave but Daniel convinces her she was wrong. And then other strange things start to happen. Dora begins to wonder if she is losing her mind. As she tries to leave, she is stopped and must confront her shocking past and who is responiblke for what is going on and she has to do everything she can to escape this nightmare. But just who is playing who in France? Filled with shocking, twisty secrets, this is another great Adele Parks novel and a good way end the year.

You can pick up One Last Secret in stores on Tuesday, December 27th from Harper.