Book Review: ‘One Italian Summer: A Novel’ By Rebecca Serle

Katy Silver is 30 years old and at a crossroads in her life. She just lost her mother (who was her best friend) to cancer. She’s married but not sure things are working out with her husband. She receives tickets in the mail for a trip to Positano, Italy she and her mom were suppose to take (a place her mom went to before she was born). She decides to go to have time to think about everything. When she gets to her hotel she meets a charming man named Adam and Carole her mother as a 30-year old who just gave birth to her 6 months earlier. But how can this be? She spends time with both and learns a lot about her mother and not all is good. There are family secrets she never knew about and causes her to re-examine everything in her life. The setting in Italy works great here, as does the mother-daughter relationship. At it’s core it’s about grief and family and is a really enjoyable novel.

You can pick up One Italian Summer in stores now from Atria.

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