Book Review: ‘One Bad Deed’ Is The Next Great David Baldacci Novel

There’s nothing better than having the new David Baldacci book on a hot summer day to read. His newest novel One Good Deed finds David once again at the top of his game. A great lead character and a suspenseful story with twists and turns make this another must read for the New York Times bestselling author.

Aloysius Archer is a former WWII vet has just gotten out of Carderock prison in 1949. He was in for something he didn’t do but the evidence and a powerful man saw that he served time. He served three years and got out for good behavior. He now has to serve three years probation in the town of Poca City in the south. He has to report to his new probation officer and stay out of trouble. There’s a long list of things he can do and not do, which includes getting a job.

The first night in town he he finds employment when he goes to a bar he shouldn’t be in. Hank Pittleman is rich and powerful and basically owns the town. He wants Archer to call in a marker of money that is owed to him. Lucas Tuttle is a powerful man as well and doesn’t want to pay back the money he owes or turn over a valuable car to Pittleman because Hank is involved with his daughter Jackie (even though he is married). Lucas and Jackie are estranged and he wants his daughter back. So he makes Archer a counter offer. So Archer is trying to get them to reconcile and collect the marker owed.

Then a murder happens right near where Archer is living and it looks like Archer is the one who did it. He is under heavy suspicion but is innocent and starts working with the State police officer assigned to the case. Then another murder takes place and once again Archer is under suspicion again. He soon has to use every tool at his disposal to investigate this case and starts learning shocking details and realizes he can’t trust those around him. It leads up to a climatic trial and shocking reveals.

You can pick up One Good Deed in stores on Tuesday, July 23rd from Grand Central Publishing.

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