Book Review: ‘On Borrowed Crime: A Jane Doe Book Club Mystery’ By Kate Young

The series debut of author Kate Young’s Jane Doe Book Club Mystery is a fun read with interesting characters and a solid plot. Lyla Moody is our main character, who is 31 years old and working for her Uncle Calvin, who is an investigator. Her goal is to be a licensed one as well. This doesn’t sit well with her overbearing mother, who wants her to be married with children.

When she gets a call at the office from Judge David Timms she finds out his wife Carol has been missing for four days. But Lyla saw her just the other day driving away with a mysterious person. And then Lyla gets a suitcase left at her house meant for her friend who is away on a trip. And then she discovers a body inside the suitcase that is Carol. The police soon arrive and the investigation begins. We soon learn Carol was investigating a local murder and it could have something to do with while she was killed. Lyla gets the judge to okay her investigating and it turns up lots of secrets and puts Lyla’s life in jeopardy as she soon learns the truth.

You can pick up On Borrowed Crime in stores now from Crooked Lane Books.

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