Book Review: ‘Off The Grid: A Novel’ By Robert McCaw Is A Thrilling Novel Set In Hawaii

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Hilo police Chief Detective Koa Kane is not having the best days. A horrible accident has killed a woman when it is ran into by a city vehicle. The car and woman are burned beyond belief. And a raging fire is going on at the same time. Then a second body is discovered bury under a lava flow. As he digs he finds the two dead bodies are linked together. Now he has two murders to investigate.

The people lived in a remote part of the island and as Koa investigates it hits a nerve in Washington. The fingerprints raise a flag and soon the feds are her investigating. Koa has a battle on his hands as he has state rights over Washington. And he is told in no uncertain terms to back down from the case from his the government and his own boss (who is in league with the mayor) and the new candidate for mayor. A major rally is being planned and the new candidate is controversial and causing issues with the voters.

Koa won’t be deterred and continues to investigate and what he finds leads to a government conspiracy and to someone that the people close by will be shocked to learn about. Koa blows it all up with shocking results.

Koa is a great character and the story set on the island of Hawaii makes for a great location. The story has quite a few twists and turns and keeps the reader engaged throughout until the climatic ending.

You can pick up Off The Grid in stores on Tuesday, July 2nd.