Book Review: ‘Of Bone And Thunder’ Substitutes Vietnam For Fantasy


Review by Ann McDonald

Fantasy author Chris Evans masterfully pushes the boundaries of the genre in his brilliant, groundbreaking new epic, a unique and penetrating vision channeling the cultural upheaval, racial animus, and wholesale destruction of the Vietnam War.

‘Of Bone and Thunder’ is very much a guy’s book. It’s a fantasy set in a fantasy world, peopled by men who fight wars, die in wars and those men who never understand the why – it’s very well-drawn and the characters eventually take on a persona of their own, very difficult to achieve in the arena of constant change that battle is. Throw in some dragons instead of helicopters and it takes your breath away.

Take the Vietnam War and change it into a fantasy world, and you have ‘Of Bone and Thunder.’ It would be remiss of me to state that this is a full review but I simply could not grasp the core of the book and I take the onus of responsibility for that on myself. Author Chris Evans most certainly has a following and from what I have read, it’s well-earned. If this is your cup of tea, or beer, enjoy!

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Ann McDonald

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