Book Review: ‘The Obsession’ Is The Next Great Nora Roberts Book

It’s always exciting when a package is delivered and then I open it and find it’s the new Nora Roberts book! The Obsession is out on April 12 and continues her string of exciting, well written books.

Naomi Bowes wanted nothing but a new bike for her twelve birthday. One night she heard a noise and saw her father leaving the house. It was a hot night and she thought maybe he was going to the river. She decided to follow him (even though it was against the rules to leave the house) figuring she could go with him. When she saw him go into a secret place she watched and waited. When he left she decided to go in and look around thinking maybe her bike was there. What she found was a naked woman in a cage in bad shape. Who was she and why was her father there? She helped the woman escape and got her to the police. Turns out her father had been kidnapping, torturing and killing woman for years.

Her mother couldn’t believe it. When her uncle and his boyfriend insisted they move to live with them her mother at first balked. A new life away from this and being in the press all the time seemed like a great movie. Her brother Mason and her were happy until there past caught up with them again and they moved to New York.

Years later Naomi was moving around living out of a suitcase becoming a famous photographer. When she stumbled upon an old mansion which needed work near Seattle she fell in love with it and decided to have it renovated and stay for a while. She made new friends and even started dating and falling for Xander (something she never though would happen).

When local woman started disappearing (like what her dad did) the past suddenly came back to her and she was reliving a nightmare all over (and she found out that the person was likely targeting her). Her FBI brother Mason was working hard on the case and Xander was by her side (he had found out about her past before she told him and it didn’t matter to him). When the killer made a move she had to rely on herself to survive.

All the elements of a great story are in play here. Murder, a love story and a mystery as to who the killer is (although if you pay attention you can probably figure it out) lead to another great Nora Roberts book!

Available in stores on Tuesday, April 12.

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