Book Review: ‘The Nowhere Man’ Is A Decent Follow Up To Orphan X

One of the best books of 2016 was Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz. I just loved it. And now the follow up book The Nowhere Man is set to be released on Tuesday, January 17th by Minotaur Books. It’s a decent follow up to first story (not quite as good though).

Evan Smoak aka Orphan X aka The Nowhere Man is back and looking to help people. He’s rich, good looking and just wants the bad guys to pay for what they do. A former assassin going around the world in a secret organization, he no longer wants that life.

He helps people and then in return he asks them to hand out his number to the next person that needs help and then just forget about him. He’s off the grid (his former Orphan people want him dead). This story picks up with him helping a girl out of a bad situation and killing a bad guy. There was someone there who saw what he did and Evan is soon kidnapped by a mysterious man named Rene. He is aware of Evan having lots of money and wants him to sign it over to him.

Being held in a room with a ton of security and two dogs it takes everything that Evan has to remember his training from his Orphan days to be able to get out of here alive. When Rene discovers who he really is, he invites enemies of Evan’s from his Orphan days, including Candy (a current Orphan) who has a grudge against him.

When the time comes for the bidding for Evan it’s show time for him to try and save his life. In the process he gets the shock of his life that will forever change him.

This is a good follow up to the first novel. It drags in parts in the middle but the beginning and ending are nail biting.

As a side note Warner Bros. pictures with Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips. No word if Bradley will star or just produce. And Minotaur has also ordered more books in the series.

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