Book Review: ‘Nothing Stays Buried (A Monkeewrench Novel)’ By P.J. Tracy

P.J. Tracy (the mother/daughter writing team of Patricia Lambrecht and Traci Lambrecht) are back with their latest Monkeewrench story Nothing Stays Buried (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday, August 1). It follows the familiar formula of killings, cops getting frustrated and then catching a break and go on the hunt for the killer.

The story kicks off with a girl Marla going missing in rural Minnesota (which plays into the story later). When a body is found brutally murdered in a park in Minneapolis, Detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are on the case. They notice a similar M.O. to a murder a year ago. So it looks like they have a serial killer on the loose. Another murder a night later confirms this. And then another murder in St. Paul and now two police agencies are on the hunt for this killer.

When an FBI undercover agent is murdered it seems like there’s a connection with the other murders, even though it’s not the same type of murder. The FBI is so involved in the case and Magozzi and Rolseth are told to leave this one alone for now.

Meanwhile Grace Macbride and the Monkeewrench team (a group that have developed crime solving software which helps find criminals or assists in helping to find them) are working their own cases when Harley is asked to help find Marla’s dad Walt find his daughter. It’s been a few months since she’s disappeared. He lives on a farm in a rural part of Minnesota where they set up base. They are also helping to assist Magozzi and Rolseth with there case thinking there could be a link between Marla’s going missing and the serial murders.

Soon a common link is discovered and the feeling is the killer is near with the Monkeewrench team is located and Magozzi and Rolseth are on the way to help search when a killer storm hits (including tornadoes). The race is on to find the killer before he strikes again.

I’ve read the last few books in the series and they are enjoyable reads. The characters are fun and well written with story-lines advancing each time. I like revisiting the same characters once or twice a year and look forward to the next adventure with this crew.

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