Book Review: ‘Nothing But The Truth: A Novel’ By Holly James

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

It’s the night before Hollywood publicist Lucy Green turns 30 and she’s having a drink at a bar served by hot bartender. Her boyfriend has stood her up and hot bartender makes her a special drink and asks her what her wish is. She says a perfect day. She wakes up the next day and things seem off. She doesn’t want to exercise and she finds she cannot tell a lie. This could also be the day she gets a promotion at work, if she can sign an A-list actress she has a lunch date with. Her perfect day doesn’t seem to be going good, when things happen at work, she falls into a fountain, she breaks up with her long-time boyfriend and a scandal breaks at work. But it’s not all bad when she runs into hot bartender Adam, they kiss, she signs her new client and it’s time for her birthday party. After the scandal at work, everything changes for her professionally and personally. It may just end up being the perfect day. This is the debut novel from author Holly James and it is a delightfuly read. A perfect beach read filled with strong women and well-written characters.

You can pick up Nothing But The Truth in stores on Tuesday, July 12th from Dutton.