Book Review: ‘Notes From The Upside Down: An Unofficial Guide To Stranger Things’ By Guy Adams

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix on Friday, July 15, 2016 and became an immediate success. Critically and commercially it seemed everyone was talking about it. Set in the 80’s a mysterious girl named Eleven shows up and the search is on for a little boy named Will who has disappeared. What happened to him and who is Eleven was the main theme of the show. The show is returning in October for a second season. Before it does pick up Notes From The Upside Down: An Unofficial Guide To Stranger Things (Touchstone original paperback; in stores Tuesday, August 29) by Guy Adams.

He takes the reader inside and behind the show from the very beginning when and how it was pitched to getting it on the air. How the 80’s played such an important part of the show. He looks at every episode of the series and who and how they were written and developed. Each chapter also has a home work assignment to do. If you’re a fan of the show this is a good way to refresh before season two premieres (of course you can always go and watch the eight episodes again) although this would be a faster more fun way to refresh.

Here’s hoping Guy comes out with a second book on season two next year!

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