Book Review: ‘Not Your Ex’s Hexes: A Novel’ By April Asher

The follow-up to Not The Witch You Wed is another fun, witch novel, filled with magic, supernatural creatures, love and hot sex. This novel centers around sister Rose Maxwell, who is at a loss for what she wants to do. She can’t seem to keep a job, and she is no longer the next Prima of the Witches. The does have a hot fling in the backroom of a bar, and then months later she finds out it was Damian Adams, a half-demon veterinarian, who is moody and grouchy. After a botched attempt to free some horses she thought were in danger, she’s assigned to work with Damian, and the sexual attraction gets to be too much. They decide to have a friend with benefits deal, just sex, nothing else, which never works. And even if Damian wanted to, he was hexed years ago by a witch that will cost him his soul if he falls in love. Love be damned as they fall in love, and Damian must find a way to get the hex ended, if he and Rose are to be together. Fans of the first novel will love this one.

You can pick up Not Your Ex’s Hexes in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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