Book Review: ‘No Second Chances: A Novel’ By Rio Youers

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

I loved the last two books by Rio Youers, Halcyon and one of my favorite books last year Lola On Fire. His new book isn’t nearly as good the previous two. It has a good story and interesting characters and if I hadn’t read the last two novels I would consider it pretty good. But it seems to me like he was trying to use the same formula as Lola On Fire and it didn’t work for me. The story centers around actor Luke Kingsley, who was ready to be the next big thing, until his wife went missing and he was accused of killing her, after a drunken night out and blood all over his shirt. And then new to town and aspiring actress Kitty Rae has moved across the street from Luke. While waiting for her big break she is working as a deliverer of drugs for a big name person Jonah Fly. Kitty starts skimming a little bit and soon Jonah finds out about it and Kitty’s live is in danger. The only person she can trust is Luke and they soon go on the run and start investigating the source of the drugs. It also happens to get Luke a clue about someone he saw the night his wife went missing. But soon Jonah is on their tale and it leads to a dramtic showdown and the shocking truth about his missing wife.

You can pick up No Second Chances in stores on Tuesday, February 22nd from William Morrow.