Book Review: ‘No One Knows’

New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison is back with a new thriller No One Knows (Gallery Books; March 22). It’s a thrilling ride with twists that you don’t see coming right up to the very end.

It’s been five years since Aubrey Hamilton’s husband Josh went missing. And the day has finally come when he’s been declared dead. That also means a five million dollar life insurance policy is going to be pair. The only problem is Josh’s mom Daisy wants the money and is fighting for it. Aubrey doesn’t care about the money and thinks Daisy can have it. After all she has fought to have Josh declared dead and never cared for Aubrey.

So what happened to Josh no one knows. They were happy and no one has found a body or been able to prove anything. She was accused of his murder/disappearance and stood trial. There just was no real evidence to point to her. Now five years later the pain of it all has come back to her. She thinks she sees Josh now and then but it can’t be. When a mystery man Chase arrives in town he reminds her so much of her late husband. She gets drunk and ends up sleeping with him. She can’t get him out of her mind, nor can he. He lives in Chicago but comes back to visit. He also has a secret and as he falls more for her, he has to confess.

When her brother fresh out of jail arrives he makes a comment about Josh that he was involved in some shady stuff. And when a strange man also starts being seen it’s not just coincident. She starts to investigate things. This leads to some startling discoveries that the man she married she didn’t really know.

From here the story takes some startling, shocking twists you don’t see coming. To talk about them would be spoilers for the book!

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