Book Review: ‘No Easy Target’

Iris Johansen is back with her latest novel No Easy Target (St. Martin’s Press; April 25). This is a story about Margaret Douglas (who has been in Eve Duncan and Kendra Michaels stories before).

Margaret as you may remember can communicate with most animals. She’s currently in San Diego, on the run from her past and a man that wants to control her. Lassiter who’s an ex CIA guy is on the hunt for her to bring her back to Nicos, an international arms dealer and a ruthless man who Margaret had the displeasure of knowing (and who she escaped from).

Lassiter wants her to exchange for his mentor Patrick who’s been held captive by Nicos. When he captures Margaret he finds he has more than he bargained for. She is quick on her feet and soon captivates Lassiter and learns to work with him and even turn the tables on him. When things start to go wrong, Margaret decides she has to go back to Nico to help Lassiter and Patrick and bring him down once and for all.

Things soon become a game of cat and mouse and lives are on the line. It takes everything she has to be able to save herself and those around her.

Another good adventure in the world of Iris Johansen characters. You don’t have to have read other books by her to understand what’s going on here. Just go along for the ride!

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