Book Review: ‘Night Watch’ Is The Next Exciting Kendra Michaels’ Story

Iris Johansen is on of my favorite authors. She writes books with characters that I have been reading for years. Her newest one brings back Kendra Michaels. Night Watch (St. Martin’s Press, in stores now). It’s a thriller which introduces a new character in Jessie (a kick ass woman) and moves the Kendra/Lynch relationship forward.

In the new book we learn Kendra’s backstory in relation to her eyes. She was blind her whole life until at 20 years old her mother found out about this procedure that could possibly restore her eyesight. It was nine years ago and through flashbacks we learn all about it.

Today the doctor that performed the operation unexpectedly shows up at a seminar she is doing. Dr. Charles Waldrige, who worked for Night Watch (the medical people that did the operation) and they go out to dinner. Kendra senses something is not right with the Doctor and he won’t tell her what it is.

When he suddenly vanishes Kendra is on the case and working with Griffin from the FBI and former super agent Lynch (and their love/hate relationship). Kendra has these extra special senses since she was blind and can pick up clues the authorities may not see. The more digging that she and Lynch do puts their lives in danger. People dies and it’s a race against the clock to save them. Kendra even decides to sacrifice her own life to find the Doctor.

Also as a side story the sexual tension between Lynch and Kendra is off the charts and he wants more. Kendra isn’t so sure and it leads to some tension between the two of them. I am looking forward to see how their relationship will go forward in future books.

You can pick up Night Watch in stores now.

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