Book Review: ‘Night Shift’ Is The Next Fun Adventure In Midnight, Texas

Charlaine Harris is back with the next installment of her Midnight, Texas series with book number three. Night Shift(Ace Hardcover; in stores now) brings back all the fun characters from the first two novels and broadens their characters with new and revealing story.

People are committing suicide in front of the pawnshop and no one seems to know why. Lemuel (the resident vampire) has been researching old books and soon discovers the reason why there happening and what has brought together the offbeat characters that the town has. An evil right below crossroads is ready to return to earth and unleash hell. He has been cursed for the last 250 years and the spell which trapped him is about to expire. It’s up to the townspeople including Fiji the witch to re-entrap him.

Other subplots involve Fiji’s sister and we learn more about her family. Her relationship with Bobo, Olivia’s past comes back to haunt her and who Teacher and Madonna really are.

If you haven’t read the previous two books it’s not an issue. You can pick up the story where it begins here. If you’re familiar with Charlaine’s writing from the Sookie Stackhouse series it’s a similar series in that there’s a lot of supernatural elements.

And I can’t forget to mention Mr. Snuggly the cat (Fiji’s familiar) who talks and is really funny. You will be laughing your butt off with chapter 27!

You can pick up Night Shift in stores now.

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