Book Review: ‘Next Of Kin: A Novel’ By Hannah Bonam-Young

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

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Chloe is 24 years old, and grew up with foster parents because her birth mom was a drunk and couldn’t take care of her. She gets a call that her mother is in the hospital and had a baby, she didn’t know she was pregnant, and drunk. She wants to turn over the child to Chloe to raise. Not wanting her sister to grow up in the system, Chloe agrees, but doesn’t have enough financial support, so she’s offered a new program, where another guardian would move in with her, and help support the household. Warren wants to take care of his 15-year-old deaf brother Luke, and when he first meets Chloe has a chip on his shoulder, but agrees to move in. As the days go along they become a family, become friends, and then lovers, and fall in love. It’s all moving fast, but everyone is happy, until Luke makes a decision that could tear it all apart. This is a really good, well-written novel, part rom-com, all about family. You follow along with them, and root hard for them to all be happy. This one is a winner!