Book Review: ‘Never Let You Go’ Starts Off Strong Then Gets Predictable

A story about a woman Lindsey who met what she thought was the perfect man Andrew. Then once they got married it all changed. He became a drunk and abusive toward her and threatened to kill her if she left. him. With the help of her brother she escaped. The night she left Andrew got into a bad car accident that killed a woman and he spent 10 years in jail.

Lindsey and her daughter Sophie moved on with their lives. Everything is going fine until they learn Andrew has been released. He shows up in the new town they are living in. Sophie wants to get to know her dad. Lindsey is scare of what could happen to her. Things start to happen that point to Andrew being up to no good. He denies any wrong doing. Soon Lindsey puts it all together as to who has been threatening and causing problems in her life since Andrew came back. And she has to fight for her very life and that of her daughters.

The story started out fascinating and then it became obvious who did what and why (at least to me as I figured it out way before the reveal). It’s also sheds a great light on abuse (if anyone is in an abusive relationship there’s help for you).

You can check it yourself Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, March 14).

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