Book Review: ‘Murders And Metaphors’ Is The Next Fun Magical Bookshop Mystery

Violet Waverly and Grandma Daisy are back for their third magical mystery novel. Set in Cascade Springs, in a bookshop named Charming Books, that is run by magic. There’s a tree in the middle of the store, a crow named Faulkner that has an attitude and a cat named Emerson who is always up to no good. Violet is now the caretaker of the store. When people come in the store picks out books for each of them. It seems to know what people want.

Belinda Perkins is coming back to town to promote her new wine book. She has become a successful writer since leaving. The book signing will be held at Morton Vineyards by a family that a lot of people don’t like. Violet’s ex Nathan is one of the sons and is the mayor of the city. Belinda has 3 sisters that live in town. Lacey is one of them and they are estranged. She shows up to try and patch things up but is rebuffed. A little while later Violet finds Belinda’s body in the ice-wine fields stabbed to death.

It seems like Lacey is guilty and Violet is once again on the case. The bookstore is talking to her telling giving her the book Little Women over and over. There must be some kind of clue in the story Violet is missing. When Violet seems to be getting to close to solving the case her life is put in danger. Will she survive or will this be the end of her?

My first time reading one of Amanda Flower’s bookshop mysteries and I loved it. A fun story with great characters and lol moments with Emerson and Faulkner (who steal the book!). It is highly recommended.

It’s available in stores from Crooked Lane (who have the best books) and Tuesday, February 12th.

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