Book Review: ‘Murder On Madison Square: A Gaslight Mystery’ By Victoria Thompson

The 25th novel in the Gaslight series is as good as any of the other novels. The key is the writting of these excellent characters and the chemistry and love they have for each other, especially the married couple of Frank and Sarah Malloy. When Mrs. Ethel Bing visits the private eye Frank Malloy she requests his help in divorcing her husband Alvin. This being the year 1900 the only way for a woman to get a divorce is by adultery. And as far as she knows her husband hasn’t been cheating. Days later Frank runs into Ethel and her husband at a car show at Maidson Square Garden. He’s partners in a car making factory and dealership of electric cars (a great look at this time period as well). Then Alvin is found dead outside of the MSG, having been ran over by one of his own cars. Ethel and her step-daughter both want to hire Frank to find out what happened to Alvin. Soon Frank and his wife Sarah are on the case and asking all kinds of questions of the women who lived in Alvin’s house and they soon find out more than they bargained for. Someone is a killer and they just have to figure out who.

You can pick up Murder On Madison Square in stores on Tuesday, May 3rd from Berkley.

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