Book Review: ‘Multiple Listings’ Is A Touching Novel About Family

Tracy McMillan has written for Mad Men, United States Of Tara, Life On Mars and Journeyman. She has also written two other books. Her latest Multiple Listings (Gallery Books; on-sale March 8). A look at love, family and forgiveness.

Nicki Daniels has a lot going on in her life. She has a successful business with some money in the bank, a 16 year son (who for the most part is a good kid), a great friend in Peaches (who never fails to have an opinion), a boyfriend she loves and a dad who’s in prison that she hasn’t talked to in years. She has decided to invest in a restaurant he wants to open and to buy a house so they can all be a family.

When things are going good they start to go bad. He son Cody is skipping classes at school, her boyfriend Jake has turned into an ass and has taken money from her and skipped town promising to explain everything. She is now stuck with her part of the restaurant and a house that she put money down on for them. And to top things off her dad Ronnie has been released from prison and shows up on her doorstep. She wants nothing to do with him but Cody is excited to see him. Ronnie has said that he was going to stay with Nicki and she relents and lets him stay. She is weary of him. He has seemed to change and is being a great influence on Cody. They grow closer and she lets her guard down.

Nicki meets a new man and seems ready to let love back into her life. When her dad gets into some trouble that really isn’t his fault it will test their relationship.

A great read about the power of family and relationships told in each chapter by one of the characters point of view (which I really like in this book as it works to define everything).

Pick up your copy in stores on Tuesday, March 8.

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