Book Review: ‘A Mother Like Mine’ Is A Poignant Look At A Mother And Daughter Relationship

Kate Hewitt returns to Hartley-by-the-Sea, a new story about a mother and daughter and their tenuous relationship in A Mother Like Mine (Berkley Trade Paperback; in stores Tuesday, August 8).

Abby Rhodes has returned to the place where she grew up in Hartley-by-the-Sea, after the death of her fiance (and father of her son Noah) to start over and live with her Grandmother and help out at her cafe. Her Grandmother has a heart attack as few years ago and is not in the best shape. Things are moving along okay until one day her absentee mother Laura shows up. She and Abby haven’t had the best relationship. Laura got pregnant at age 15 and two years later took off to let Abby be raised by her parents with very little contact over the years (Laura has not even met Noah).

It’s a tense reunion filled with questions and not many answers. When Abby’s Grandmother dies of another heart attack it forces the two women to re-evaluate their relationship and their lives together. Can they put the past behind them and work together in the cafe that was left to them or will old wounds force Laura to take off again.

A touching story with well written and defined characters that have you rooting for the two women to work out their issues. I also like that each chapter alternates between Abby and Laura’s points of views. If you’re looking for the perfect summer beach read in August this is it!

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