Book Review: ‘Modern Girls’ Looks At Life In 1935 Of A Jewish Family

Modern Girls (New American Library Trade Paperback Original; April 5) by Jennifer S. Brown is a great look at life in 1935 of a Jewish Family.

The story follows the story of two people (and their family) of 19 year old Dottie Krasinsky and her mother Rose. Dottie has a steady boyfriend and is waiting to make enough money to get married to Abe. Dottie is becoming more of a modern girl. She works and has just gotten a promotion. She also finds herself pregnant and not by Abe do to a careless one night stand.

Rose also finds herself pregnant again at the age of 42 with her fifth child. Struggling to help her family escape from Poland, this is the last thing she expected. Dottie has a plan to get Abe to sleep with her and claim the baby is his and then they will have to get married right away. When he won’t do it, she is in a bind. When her mother gets the info of a doctor that can make it go away (abortions are illegal in this time frame), Dottie agrees to do it. When she has second thoughts and makes a big decision as to what to do with her baby and future. Something no one was expecting. It also has big implications on her mother and her future.

Pick up Modern Girls in stores on Tuesday, April 5.

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