Book Review: ‘To Be Where You Are (A Mitford Novel)’ Is A Fun, Quirky Look At A Small Town

Jan Karon is back and doing what she does best writing about Mitford with her fourteenth novel about the town. To Be Where You Are (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores on Tuesday, September 19).

So here’s my review. There really isn’t a review. It’s a novel about the fun, quirky, religious people of Mitford. There’s not one plot-line that has a mystery, a cool twist or murder to solve. This story talks about the people that live in this town and their daily adventures. The story spans from October 1 thru June 2nd. There’s a death, multiple births, a newspaper which gets a story right and wrong (it posts the wrong picture of someone). Three generations of a family that in the end gets great news.

It’s small time America where everyone knows each other and knows their business living their daily lives. It’s a refreshing read of fun people that everyday problems like you and me. The characters are well-written I personally look forward to revisiting Mitford in the near future.

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