Book Review: ‘Mind Game’ Is The Next Eve Duncan Story Featuring Jane And Caleb

I just love Iris Johansen novels. Here characters of Eve Duncan, Margaret, Catherine and Kendra Micheals are such treats to read. I’ve been reading their stories for years now. And now the newest book Mind Game (out Tuesday, October 24; St. Martin’s Books) centers on Jane (Eve Duncan’s daughter) and Caleb. Eve is part of the book but it’s not centered on her this time. It’s another thrilling, suspenseful story which answers a lot of questions.

The story time jumps two years since the last Eve Duncan book. Baby Michael is now two and a little charmer. Jane is finishing up her three week trip to visit the family. She’s having these bad nightmares. Someone is reaching out to her and she doesn’t know who it is. She just knows that the girl is in trouble. She has been drawing what she sees and the girl looks familiar.

Jane is heading back to Scotland to join Macduff and Jock in the search for Cara’s gold. Macduff has some new lighting that will hopefully let them see in the mist. Also expected to join briefly is Caleb. Jane has barely spoken to him in the last couple of years. When he shows up there back to their love/hate relationship. Until Jane figures out who the girl in her dreams is. It’s Caleb’s nineteen year old sister. She has been using her special gifts (and those that Caleb has). He comes clean about his past with her and his family. We get a lot of back story (finally) on him.

He and Jane form a plan to go and rescue Lisa (that’s her name). The people that have Lisa are holding her trying to get to Caleb. They hatch a daring rescue and succeed in saving her. Everyone heads back to Scotland to search again for the gold. Eve and Joe announce they are going to get married in Scotland with everyone.

Things seem to be going okay but the bad guys are watching and waiting. They’re still after Caleb and do whatever is necessary to get him. When one of them is kidnapped, it’s a race against time to save lives.

I really liked how this book put Jane and Caleb in the spotlight and we finally learned about his past. The chemistry between the two just radiates as you read the story. The format is typical Iris. Someone is kidnapped, then rescued and then someone else is kidnapped and has to be rescued.

This is Iris Johansen’s 100th novel and here’s to another 100!

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