Book Review: ‘Midnight Crossroad’ By Charlaine Harris Is Her Next Great Series Of Books

What happens when you get a witch, a vampire, a pseudo psychic and a talking cat that all live together in a very small fictional town of Midnight, Texas? The next set of books from Charlaine Harris. You know here from her Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series and now she’s back with her next trilogy of books ‘Midnight Crossroad.’

Manfred Bernardo, a 23 year old man has just moved to town. He’s a psychic who does ‘readings’ for people who will pay on the internet and some cases on the phone and in person. He’s moved here to get away and work on his business and his issues. Soon he finds a cast of characters including Fiji the witch, Bobo his landlord and owner of a pawn shop, Olivia a mysterious woman who can kick some ass, Lemuel a vampire, a talking cat named Mr. Snuggly and other assorted locals. As he gets to know these people, he quickly learns in small town America, you don’t ask questions, everyone has secrets and you are either accepted right away or you’re not. Lucky for him he is.

He slowly learns things about the various people and that Bobo was in love with Aubrey, who vanished one day. She took none of her stuff and no one knew what happened to her. On a town picnic one Monday afternoon, her dead body was found. It sets off a chain of things happening, secrets coming to life and peoples lives hanging in the balance, as the murder of Aubrey is investigated.

Charlaine has written a very well paced, character driven story. You get a great feel for the town, the people and exactly what’s going on, as if you lived there yourself. If you’re a fan of the Sookie books, you will love this one as well. Available in stores now.

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