Book Review: ‘Merry And Bright’ Is Another Great Debbie Macomber Christmas Story

I just love everything Debbie Macomber writes. Her annual Christmas novel, this year titled Merry And Bright (Ballantine Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, October 3) is sooooooooooo good.

It’s the holidays and Merry Knight is working a lot of hours at her job. She has no time for a social life or dating. She has to help take care of her family and has a demanding, hard-ass boss. So when she comes home one night and finds out her brother and mother have signed her up for an online dating site, she’s not really amused. And they have used a picture of their family dog as her profile pic. She eventually decides to give it a shot.

She starts to talking to a man that has seen her profile pic and is amused by it. He has also used a picture of his late dog as his profile pic. They just chat and chat and find they have an attraction to each other (even thou they have no idea what each looks like). Every night they look forward to their chats and then the time comes to decide to meet. They’re both like giddie school kids ready to meet.

Merry arrives first and notices who it is and leaves right away. It’s someone she knows and can’t believe it’s him. He is shocked she never showed up and can’t understand what happened. She talks to him again online and explains that she knows him (not telling him how). Soon she starts seeing someone casually knowing that he’s the man from online (he has no clue). They start falling for each other and soon she has to reveal all and hope that he understands and will want a future with him.

A heart-warming story of family, taking a chance and love set over the Christmas season. No one writes better Christmas stories then Debbie Macomber. The book at just 224 pages is a real quick read. And if you want another heart-warming Christmas tale pick up last years Twelve Days Of Christmas.

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