Book Review: ‘Mercy: An Altee Pine Novel’ By David Baldacci

The fourth and possibly final novel (I was told that it’s up in the air if there will be more novels) in the Altee Pine series is all action from start to finish and if it is indeed the final novel, it answers all the questions we have had throughout the series. A well-done sendoff by author David Baldacci, who writes the best books. For Altee Pine finding her sister has been her passion since she was kidnapped with they were kids. Now as an FBI agent, she has the bureau to use for help, even though her search is on her own. She finally gets the information she needs about her family and her sister and is closing in on finally finding her sister. But a man with a grudge may stop it before she’s able to re-unite. Dead bodies, kidnapppings and finale that ramps up the action and may leave one or both of them dead. If you haven’t read the first three there’s no worries, as each book is written like a stand-alone novel.

You can pick up Mercy in stores on Tuesday, November 16th from Grand Central Publishing.

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