Book Review: ‘The Memory Of Lemon’ Is A Great Follow Up To The Cake Therapist

The taste of lemon in baked goods is a good thing. In her new book The Memory Of Lemon (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; June 14) Judith Fertig’s sequel to The Cake Therapist is just as yummy as the first one book.

Neeley is back and having to deal with Claire (the mother) and Lydia (daughter who’s getting married) over the details of her wedding and what the desert will be. Neeley is also dealing with her budding romance with Ben while trying to divorce her cheating husband Luke, who swears he’s changed and wants her back. He’s threatening to take everything away from her based on their pre-nup that was signed. And on top of that her father has re-entered her world after being away for years. He suffers from issues from the war he’s trying to work through.

With the safety of the bake shop and her friends that work there Neeley is getting support and help. She puts a plan in motion to get rid of Luke, while trying to salvage her relationship with Ben. As for Lydia the wedding crew comes up with a plan to satisfy everyone.

Like her first book this one will make you hungry for cakes, pies, tarts and just about any other kind of desert you can imagine. It was fun to revisit the characters and hopefully there will be more books in the series!

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