Book Review: ‘The Marriage Pact’ Is An Exciting Thriller

Michelle Richmond has written an exciting thriller that for once doesn’t revolve around an American war or problem with China/Russia/North Korea (you can tell what I’ve been reading a lot of lately). Don’t get me wrong I love those kind of stories but this was refreshing, different kind of thriller. I could tell I was going to love the book after reading just a few pages.

The story revolves around a newly married couple Alice (who’s a lawyer) and Jake (a psychiatrist) and mysterious wedding present. Alice invites a client Finnegan (who sent the present) to her wedding at the last minute. Someone she really doesn’t know well (other then winning his lawsuit). She had mentioned it in passing and he accepted much to her surprise. He and his wife seem like nice people. They forget about the present for a while until they get a call from Finnegan and he reminds them of it and tells them he’s sending someone over to explain it.

The present is to invite them to join The Pact. a secret society/organization that believes in marriage and has a whole manual of things that can make it stronger so it lasts for as long as you’re alive. It also has punishments for breaking the rules. Alice is keen on it but Jake is not. When they get the overview on it they think it’s more of a joke. The basic principals of The Pact make sense. So they sign contracts to join not thinking much of it. BIG MISTAKE on their parts. Turns out this is a big regret and they soon learn that. For every infraction (and they always seem to know) you are punished (and not in a good way).

In some ways this makes their marriage stronger and in other ways it’s drawing them apart. They try to get out but once you’re in The Pact you can never leave. And much like Fight Club you can’t talk about The Pack unless it’s with other Pact people. They both keep making mistakes and they are put in prisons and tortured to re-instill the values of The Pact. This finally leads to one daring, final attempt to regain their lives back and leave The Pact forever.

Just a thoroughly, enjoyable, suspenseful story that will have you on the end of your seat waiting to see what happens next. You can pick up The Marriage Pact in stores on Tuesday, July 25 from Bantam.

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