Book Review: ‘Marked Man: A Joe Gunther Novel’ By Archer Mayor

The 32nd novel in the Joe Gunther series is another thrilling ride with Joe, Willy, Sam and Lester. These books are so much fun to read every year. A local rich man named Nathan Lyons died a year ago from natural causes. He left his body to be donated to science for research. As it’s being checked out it’s noticed that he may not have died of natural causes. Now a murder investigation is underway headed by Joe Gunther and the Vermont Bureau of Investigation (VBI). The Lyon’s family is something else. A bunch of shady, cut-thoat people that seem like they would turn on their own in a hearbeat. And they soon learn Nathan was a horrible person but very powerful. Then a second and third member of the Lyons family suddenly die. They’re made to look like accidents but Joe knows they were murdered. And then there’s PI Sally who was hired to investigate something at the family business and two ex-mafia guys who are looking into events from many years ago. They all collide in the investigation leading to shocking reveals. Just another case in the life of the awesome Joe Gunther.

You can pick up Marked Man in stores on Tuesday, October 12th from Minotaur Books.

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