Book Review: ‘The Map That Leads To You’ Is A Great Love Story

A love story for the ages, as two people that weren’t looking for love find each other in J.P. Monniger’s new book The Map That Leads To You (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, June 13).

Heather, Amy and Constance are best friends who have just graduated from Amherst college. They’re taking the summer to travel through Europe. Come fall Heatheer has a job waiting for her at Bank Of America in New York. Until then its fun and games. On there way to Amsterdam on the train Heather meets Jack and her life will never be the same.

Although she finds him hot, she also finds that seems full of himself. They spar back and forth with each other. Beneath all that there’s a real chemistry between them. By the time they get to Amsterdam they have shared a passionate kiss. They exchange numbers and agree to meet a party a friend of his named Raef is attending. Raef and Constance hit it off and now there’s two couples. When Amy looses her passport and her money she’s forced to go home.

So the two couples travel together to various cities in Europe. Jack and Heather have a major fight and it seems like things are over between them. They soon make up and are on their way traveling. Jack has his Grandfather’s journal from when the war was over and the places he visited. They are making plans to follow along on his journey.

They soon make it to Paris and declare their love for each other. They even plan to return to New York together. As time winds down in Paris and they head to the airport to return, things suddenly change. Jack has been keeping a secret that will change things forever.

If you’re a fan of love stories, romance, friendship and exotic locations, this is the book for you!

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