Book Review: ‘Manner Of Death: A Novel’ By Robin Cook

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores now from Putnam. To order a copy click on the link.

The 14th book in the series takes place a year after the events of the last book, where Jack was almost murdered. He has mostly healed, and is looking forward to getting his new bike. For his wife, Laurie, Chief Medical Examiner of NY, she has a new group of residents, including the moody Ryan Sullivan, who wants nothing to do with autopsies. When he does one with Laurie, he gets more enthused, and the body they are examining was a suicide, or was it. It’s the latest in a string of suspicious suicides, that don’t quite reach murders. He gets permission to investigate if all the suicides are somehow releated, and is on to something, when he makes the mistake of asking the wrong person the wrong question, he ends up on the list. And when Laurie picks up the trail, she finds her life in danger, and could end up on the list. This is another well-written novel in the series, which I am a fan of. The outcome is predictable, but the characters are fun to visit every year.