Book Review: ‘Man Overboard’ Is The Next Thrilling Ali Reynolds Adventure

I love reading books with characters I have read before. Ali Reynolds is no exception. I love reading her new adventures with B., Stuart, Cami and High Noon. The latest book by J.A. Nance is Man Overboard (Touchstone; in stores Tuesday, March 21). In this book we learn more about Stuart and his past and what makes him tick. We also say goodbye to a character.

Stuart Ramey’s childhood friend Roger (another geek like himself) has committed suicide aboard a cruise ship (but was it suicide?). His aunt Julia doesn’t think so. Sure Roger has had a tough life but seems to have turned things around in the past couple of years.

When going through his stuff she remembered Stuart from their childhood and visits High Noon asking for their help. Ali agrees and they start an investigation. It becomes a tug of war with an artificial intelligence who is helping out a mad man with his plot to rid the world of people like him. It all leads up to Stuart having to fight for his life.

If you’ve never read an Ali Reynolds book before don’t worry. She does a great job of giving backstory so you’re in the loop as to who is who and what is going on. The book is an easy read with no useless story going on. The chapters are short and easy to read. At 337 pages it will fly by!

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