Book Review: ‘LoveMurder’ Is A Great Psychological Thriller

It’s been six years since he last killed and now he’s back to torment Detective Valerie Hart in LoveMurder (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, July 25). It’s the next installment of his series with her.

The story starts off with the trial verdict of the case of the beautiful Katherine Glass, one half of a team that has tortured, recorded and killed. Convicted and sentenced Valerie is glad to be done with her. Now six years later the last thing she thought she would have to do is deal with Katherine again.

He’s back and has killed another woman and has left a note for Valerie. He’s leaving clues and no one can seem to figure them out. She must go and confront the woman in jail and ask for her help. She’s prepared for it this time. Katherine is good at head games and Valerie is not going to put up with it this time. Katherine agrees to help but says there will be a price to be named later for her help.

After another murder and another letter for Valerie giving her more clues as to who will be next and that she can stop it from happening. Katherine is able to decipher the clues. It starts getting personal as the killer starts targeting people close to Valerie including her sister who she is able to save and her boyfriend Nick.

This time Katherine’s price to save Nick is for her to be able to get out of jail for the night and she will take her to Nick (having figured out where he is from the clues). Is Katherine playing everyone? And is the killer someone close to them that they never suspected? It all comes down to a final climatic showdown.

It’s a great psychological thriller with well written characters and a story with many twists and turns. A real page turner that you won’t be able to put down!

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