Book Review: ‘Love Scenes’ Is A Delightful Rom-Com By Bridget Morrissey

Rom-coms have become one of my favorite genres lately and they’re either really good or bad. Author Bridget Morressey has written a good one with interesting characters and plot. These books are simple to write as they follow the same pattern. It’s all in the writing and she succeeds on all counts.

Sloane Ford is an actress and her family has been in the business for a long time. She’s fired from her Nextflix series and not sure what she will do next. Her mother offers her a job on her new movie as a consulting producer (and she’s not sure what that is) and Sloane takes the job. She soon learns the leading man is Joseph Donovan, a man she doesn’t have a good history with because of his drinking. He doesn’t seem to grasp the role and Sloane soon has to work with him. She soon finds he’s not that bad when not drinking. And then the lead actress is fired and Sloane is now working opposite Joseph. And of course that leads to an attraction and something happening between the two, even after the cameras stop rolling on their love scenes. Is this just on on set romance or can they be together once the movie is over?

You can pick up Love Scenes in stores on Tuesday, June 22nd from Berkley.

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