Book Review: ‘Love, Naturally: A Novel’ By Sophie Sullivan

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, January 16th from St. Martin’s Griffin. You can purchase a copy at the link.

Presley Ayers works at a hotel as a concierge, and also does social media influencing. She’s overworked, with a demanding boss. She has taken vacation time, and planned a special birthday surprise for her boyfriend, Emmett, of 8 months, a week together at a lodge, fishing and hiking. He is shocked, doesn’t think they’re at that stage, and breaks up with her. She decides to go alone, and figure out what it is she wants for her future. She meets the hunky Beckett Keller, who is the brother of the owner, and they hit off right away. She becomes friends with the other guests, Beckett’s sister, and niece, and is soon helping with the renovations the resort needs. Beckett is at a crossroads with his future as well, and over the course of the week they fall in love, knowing she will be leaving soon, and this will only be a week-long thing. When it’s time to leave, he doesn’t do anything to stop it and soon regrets it. Is it too late for him to win her back. Filled with fun supporting characters, a great location, and two well-written characters you root for, it’s one of the first wonderful rom-coms of the new year.