Book Review: ‘Love Life’ By Rob Lowe Stories I Only Tell My Friends Is An Entertaining Read

“I’m just not going to let success fuck up my fun.’ Madonna said to Rob Lowe on an attempted ‘date’ and disappeared into a crowd to dance and was gone. The next time Rob saw Madonna was about twenty years later.

These are the kind of great stories that Rob Lowe tells in his incredible new book ‘Love Life’ Stories I Only Tell My Friends. If you read his first candid book you know that not only is Rob a great actor, he can write with the best of them. His new book isn’t another biography, it’s more personal stories and fun things he has done over the years.

He talks about his love for his kids and his wife and the heartbreak of his oldest son Matthew moving away to college (and I dare you not to shed a tear) after reading it. Other great stories include his coaching his sons baseball and basketball teams, a camping adventure as bigfoot and behind the scenes of how Hollywood really works in making movies, TV shows and being on stage (this was fascinating stuff).

This isn’t your typical celebrity written book. This was a fun read and very well written, that’ll have you laughing and shedding a tear along the way. You can pick it up in stores now.

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