Book Review: ‘With Love From The Inside’ Is A Heartwarming Story Of A Mother And Daughter

Grace Bradshaw is on death row. She has been now for seventeen years. All her appeals have run out and she gets a date for her execution. She was convicted of killing her newborn baby son. She claims she was innocent but the facts showed different. She has been writing a journal to leave to her daughter Sophie, who has not talked to her in years. Her lawyer Ben believes she’s innocent and is trying to find Sophie.

Sophie has moved on with her life. She has married a handsome doctor, while keeping the details of her past a secret. When she finally is traced down by her Ben, it brings back all the memories of what happened when she was a kid. She at first wants nothing to do with her mother. The more she thinks about it and finds out whats going on, things start nagging at her. When she finds out she’s pregnant, something in the tests just might give a clue about her mother and be able to save her from her exectution.

I love the way the book is written. Each chapter is either told from Grace or Sophie’s point of view. Grace writes her journal and describes what her life is like and what she wanted for her daughter. It’s a heart warming tale of two people.

This is the first novel from Angela Pisel, who in reading the author notes is a therapist and life coach and researched women on death row. And it shows in the writing of this book!

With Love From The Inside (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; On sale Tuesday, August 9).

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